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Instruments for Orbit® Sensors


Digital Displays for Orbit® sensors are available in a wide range allowing for simple to complex applications.

All displays feature serial communication and digital I/O to allow PLC, PC and foot switches to operate the instruments.

All instruments except SI1500 have a locking feature to prevent unauthorised altering of settings.

SI1500 SI3500

SI 1500

  • Value Range Single Channel.
  • Serial, Analogue and Digital outputs.
  • Fully programmable via RS232.

SI 3500

  • Dual Channel colour.
  • Serial, Analogue and Digital outputs.
  • Data Logging feature.
SI7500 DR600/700

SI 7500

  • Measurement computer is 16 ch.
  • Extensive Part and Math functions.
  • USB , Parallel, RS232 and Relay interface.

DR 600/700

Not suggested for new applications, See SI5500
  • 30 Channel Display.
  • Parts and Math features.
  • Serial and Digital I/O

SI 5500

  • Colour display LCD Screen
  • 0.01 µm display resolution
  • RS232 Connectivity

Alternative Technologies
Orbit® ACS
Process Automation
Test and Measurement

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