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New Solartron Metrology Products


Orbit® Confocal

DUSM (Miniatutre Single Leaf Flexure)

  • Minature, robust new variant of Flexure based contact probes, the Miniature single leaf flexure



Orbit® Confocal

  • For applications where a contact gauging sensor is unsuitable, this is a cost efficient non-contact measurement solution that includes an adjustable light source, standoff distances and a small spot size.


WIM (Wireless Interface Module)

  • The WIM provides a simple wireless interface between Orbit® 3 digital sensor network and personal computers via Bluetooth™


SGIM (Strain Gauge Interface Module)

  • Readings from the sensors can be taken directly into a PC, PLC or Solartron Digital Readout


MODIM (Modbus Interface Module)

  • MODBUS RTU up to 115200 baud
  • Simple network set up via a PC application
  • Connects to all Solartron Gauging, Displacement and Non-contact sensors


Alternative Technologies
Orbit® ACS
Process Automation
Test and Measurement

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