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Single Leaf Flexure

Single Leaf Flexure, AUS


Solartron’s Single Leaf Flexures are gauging transducers designed to enable measurement of features that conventional pencil probes are unable to reach. Due to the flexible design, users can fit extension arms to increase the reach and hence versatility of the transducer, typical applications are shim selection or measuring a feature inside a recess.

Designed with no wearing parts and with excellent repeatability (<0.15 µm), coupled to transducers with no contacting parts, leads to good gauge R&R combined with a very long life.

The flexure may be mounted so that little stress is applied through the gauge centre line, thus enabling precision profiling of moving materials such as sheet material, brake disks or rotating shafts.

The gauge is supplied inclusive of sensor but does not include the tool holder, tip carrier or tips. There are versions for spring extension or retraction with axial or radial cable exit.


DU1P XFlexible measuring element
DU1P XRobust design
DU1P XLong life 20 million cycles typ.
DU1P XExcellent Repeatability:< 0.15µm
DU1P XIP 65 Protected

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