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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Title: How the manufacturing sector is using the Orbit 3 digital measuring system


Publish date: 14/8/2018



This is how the consumer goods manufacturing sector is using the Solartron Orbit 3 digital measurement system to test product quality and safety and ensure that product standards meet industry regulations and customer expectations.

A manufacturer of coffee capsules has seamlessly integrated Solartron feather-touch gauging probe technology and the Solartron Orbit 3 digital network into an existing automated production and testing system.

What a Solartron high-quality digital measurement system can achieve

The manufacturer needs to meet strict product quality and safety standards while processing a large volume of capsules. It has to check ten points of the capsules, including thickness, height and various diameters, to an accuracy of 10 microns and at a rate of 180 capsules per hour. 

The manufacturer faced a number of challenges in terms of meeting these requirements.

These included:

  • The thinness of the capsule wall meant that the gauge tip force could not be strong
  • The testing technology had to be able to accurately check the unusual shape of the capsule
  • The capsule had to be rotated in the measurement fixture
  • Data tracking was required for each capsule
  • Rejected capsules had to be immediately and quickly discarded
  • Compliant capsules had to be quickly placed in a stack
  • The gauging probe technology and digital measurement system had to be integrated into an existing automated system

The Orbit 3 digital measurement system with feather-touch gauge technology

In order to overcome these challenges and meet the stringent testing needs, the manufacturer chose a digital measuring system solution from Solartron Metrology. This solution comprises Solartron advanced feather-touch gauging probe technology and the groundbreaking Solartron Orbit 3 digital measurement network.

The Solartron feather-touch gauging probe technology has a low yet repeatable tip force that enables the coffee capsules to be accurately measured to 10 microns without damaging the capsule wall. In addition, the M2.5 gauging probe tips are interchangeable, giving the manufacturer the ability to check different product dimensions.

The Solartron Orbit 3 digital measuring network, which has a speed of up to 4 kHz per channel, provides a modular platform through which data from all the sensors can be captured, organised and accessed by computers running Solex Metrology SPC software.

Orbit 3 and manufacturing industry digital measuring system solutions

This is an example of the flexibility of the Solartron Orbit 3 digital measurement system and how this network, in conjunction with Solartron’s wide range of transducers (contact and non-contact linear measuring transducers, specialist transducers and third-party interfaces), provides measuring system solutions, with numerous interfaces for computers and programme logic controllers, to the manufacturing industry.

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