How to accurately check a groove inside a bore or cavity

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Intricate geometric aspects, such as grooves that are inside bores or cavities, are a common design feature of pistons and other engine components, and it is critical that the dimensions of these aspects are precisely checked on a manufacturing line.

The importance of precisely measuring grooves inside bores

Accuracy is crucial because these components are parts of a high-tolerance system and must retain maintain their performance under significant heat, load and other dynamic forces.

To ensure the proper build of these components, intricate geometric aspects such as inner grooves must be accurately checked to a very high degree of accuracy. However, because of the limited space available, non-contact measurement sensors and standard pencil probes are impractical.

How to accurately check a groove inside a bore to a high degree of precision

One solution to accurately measuring a groove inside a bore or cavity is to use block gauges by Solartron Metrology. These versatile sensors offer durability, accuracy and repeatability at a lower cost than that of non-contact alternatives.

How Solartron specialist block gauge technology works

The probe on a Solartron block gauge is mounted on the side of the base and is connected to a sliding top piece with robust linear bearings. This enables a top tool, a tip holder and a tip to be used to measure inside a bore or cavity. Threaded holes on the bottom create an easy way to mount the sensors.

With a pneumatic cylinder, a tip can move into a groove and take a repeatable measurement. Depending on space, multiple points can be checked.

Key features of the Solartron block gauge probe sensors include:

·         2mm, 5mm and 10mm ranges

·         Up to 0.05% of reading accuracy

·         Up to 0.25 micron repeatability

·         Tip holders with lengths of 20mm to 50mm

·         Can be supplied with a right-angle tip adapter

This design and functionality help make Solartron block gauges a cost-effective and cost-saving solution to accurately checking a groove inside a bore or cavity for businesses that rely on precision manufacturing and measurement.

How to optimise the benefits of block gauges

The advantages of block gauge technology can be further optimised when used with the Solartron Orbit 3® Digital Measurement System. The system is a digital, modular network built for easy data collection and analysis via a PC, PLC or existing in-house network.

Up to 150 Orbit 3® digital sensors can be networked together in a single interface, providing rapid, repeatable and reliable data acquisition. Interfaces include USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, Bluetooth wireless and six PLC protocols.

In addition, the Orbit 3® software drivers provide programming examples for any Windows-based software, including Excel, LabVIEW and QC-CALC.

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