New gauging solutions and tech centre mark strong 2019 for Solartron

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

We are almost ready to sign off on 2019 and wrap up a year in which we have enhanced our status as a global leader in precision sensor technology development and manufacture.

The delivery of the highest standards of service and the development of pioneering measurement technology are the pillars on which Solartron is built and, in 2019, we have focused on strengthening our customer relationships and delivering the type of innovation on which our reputation as one of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers rests.

Solartron adds innovative entry-level metrology solution to its portfolio

The launch of the Solartron Gauging Computer Software (GCS) has been one of the highlights of the year. Solartron GCS is an advanced probe and read-out solution for manufacturers that don’t require larger gauging systems but still need to achieve a high level of accuracy and reliability in their processes and quality control.

The flexible, easy-to-use GCS solution delivers the same level of precision and reliability that is associated with larger gauging systems to customers that don’t have in-house software writing capability or are looking for a cost-efficient alternative to high-end SPC software packages.

Orbit Air® Measurement Network gets air gauging interface module

We also launched the Solartron Air Gauge Interface Module in 2019. The module was introduced to meet demand from customers for a Solartron air gauging module that can be used with our Orbit® Measurement Network.

The module makes connecting air gauge measurement probes to the Orbit® Measurement Network simple and allows users to mix air gauges with our other contact and non-contact sensors, improving processes and fully optimising the performance of the Network.

Solartron goes from strength to strength despite market headwinds

Naturally, 2019 has had it challenges, including in the form of the continued uncertainty surrounding the country’s membership of the European Union and its impact on trading conditions.

Despite the market headwinds that this issue is causing, our customers can be confident that whatever happens in 2020, the high level of service to which they are accustomed will not be interrupted. Our experience and status as a global trading company and careful strategic planning mean we are fully prepared.

Solartron part of the AMETEK ultra-precision innovation hub

Underlining our commitment to quality and our position as a regional and global leader in precision measurement solutions, Solartron played a key role in the launch of the AMETEK Technology Solutions Centre in Paris in November.

AMETEK is our parent company and the primary function of this new facility is to showcase new products and technology from AMETEK businesses. We are proud that our advanced measurement sensor solutions, such as the Solartron GCS and the Solartron Air Gauge Interface Module, are part of this global showcase of pioneering ultra-precision technology.

New unique Solartron gauging products planned for 2020

As 2020 approaches, we are proud to look back on another productive and significant year at Solartron. We are busy looking forward too, planning for another exciting 12 months in which we expect to bring more unique gauging products to the market.

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