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This year, Solartron Metrology made a series of investments in an effort to be part of the many ‘green initiatives’ which are taking place within industries across the globe


This replacement of an older system ensured our calibration rooms could maintain the required humidity levels in the face of ever changing external climates.
It has helped to ensure accurate calibration of our digital probes and transducers, saving energy in the process.


In October 2021, we installed two new air compressors which are critical to the operation of many of our high performance CNC turning and honing machines.
These compressors will ensure that we continue to manufacture high performance and reliable sensors for many years to come.
They include state of the art controllers and automatically adjust and shut down, depending on air demand, thus saving energy and contributing to sustainability and helping the environment.
Alongside the new compressors we also invested in new air filtration units.



Solartron Metrology offers DZ sensors - shortest on the market - 1mm and 2mm gauging probes

Short body sensors with high accuracy and good repeatability are perfect solution for checking certain dimensions in automotive and aerospace parts may require multiple points, but in spaces where standard gauging probes would be too tall to fit into. Examples might be checking multiple inner diameters of a transmission housing, or perhaps taper measurements.



Earlier this month, we mentioned that it's been 75 years since Solartron Metrology first began life as Farol Research back in 1946. But did you know it’s also been:

  • 50 years since we developed our first precision analogue probe


  • 25 years since our first digital probe was created

As gauging developed over time, there came the need for even greater accuracy and performance - that's why our first digital probe was developed in 1996 to give enhanced LVDT performance and the ability to work straight out of the box with no set up required.

Today, Solartron Metrology probes are used all over the world in a wide range of applications. This includes iphone components, car parts, positioning telescope mirrors, monitoring construction projects, medical and automotive industries.

Our products are special and unique because all of our sensors can be customised for specific customer applications.

If you would like to find out more about them, get in touch with a member of our sales team today or email


This year Solartron Metrology celebrates its 75th anniversary and we look back with pride on a company history full of success.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, as well as our long-term customers and partners for their commitment and valuable and trusting cooperation over the years.

Our company was founded in 1946. At that time, it was called Farol Research. Thanks to its production, investments, and knowledge, as well as consistent research and development, today Solartron Metrology has an outstanding reputation around the world as a specialist in high precision measurement tool manufacturing.

Solartron Metrology is not stopping in its achievements and will continue to develop further as the years move on. Our Engineering team has lots of new ideas and projects that are waiting to go live in the near future. Watch this space for more details, or get in touch with us today to find out more!


Solartron Metrology Digital Sensors can meet the demands of gauging Disk drive components, with a wide variety of probes that have low tip forces, small sizes and special configurations.

Disk Drives for computers and memory storage have continually increased in capacity but shrunk in size and price. Still, the disk drive components, such as the base plate, are smaller, more delicate, yet demand tighter tolerances for the highest quality.  For measurement checks, gauging sensors must be precise, flexible and cost effective.  


Solartron Metrology offers products what have undergone rigorous testing to ensure a long and productive life. Endurance testing under harsh conditions exceeds 13 million cycles and in the field data indicate real life usage of better that 100 million cycles.


Solartron pursues continual investment in new machines and manufacturing facilities. 


Solartron Metrology offers a class leading measurement product of precise and robust design. 

Solartron Metrology has complete control over all aspects of design and manufacture of its sensors. Probes are crafted in a UK factory, with over 50 years of design and manufacture experience. Only the best materials, machining equipment and Swiss bearings are used. Sub-micron accuracy reached via gauging accuracy combined with excellent repeatability and resolution.



Software engineer vacancy

Solartron Metrology is looking for a Software Developer to join the Engineering team at our Bognor Regis Head Office.

Solartron Metrology Ltd is a leading, fast paced UK manufacturer of digital measurement systems. Due to rapid organic growth, we are looking to increase our development team

For more information please follow the link Sensor Manufacturers Careers (

Come see Solartron Metrology's latest offerings at the 2021 Quality Show at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, October 26-28. Booth 1008. Several new exhibits will be shown, including a Robot gauge integrated with Orbit.


Displacement SM transducers


Solartron Metrology SM transducers are designed for measuring displacement in applications where infinite resolution and repeatability are required in very small size.

Manufacturers producing mechanical testing instruments and welding machines must gather data to measure physical displacement. Solartron Metrology’s products are suitable for this type of application due to their rugged construction and high accuracy.

Hardness testers are used to measure the density of hard alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. Compact dimensions of sensors were needed for easy when incorporating the sensors into the machines.

SM probes were used to measure the physical displacement of the tool tip as it produces an indentation in the surface of the item under test. Data from the SM probe and the force sensor is then used by the CPU to calculate the hardness of the material under test. The calculated hardness reading is then displayed on the testing machine’s integrated read-out.



Very common packaging across different manufacturing areas are zip lock plastic bags. The quality of the plastic zip lock is highly important as for food packaging as well as for screws storing. Solartron Metrology offers standard DP range of Digital Spring Push Probes as a solution to control the plastic bag zip lock quality during manufacturing.

The position and measurements of a zipper on a plastic bag needs to be taken in-process as the material is dispensed from a roll and prior to the cutting and heat-sealing progress. The range of Solartron standard DP proves ensures very high resolution, excellent linearity and high data speed, long life precision bearings, and an IP65 rating ensure that probes maintain their performance of millions of cycles. Digital probes with a SI7500 readout connected to a PLC allow to identify and resolve issue on the line before large quantity of products were produced, reducing waste and down-time.


Ultra Soft Touch

Solartron Ultra Feather Touch probe can be used on delicate materials, or surfaces that cannot be marred or scratched. The Ultra Feather Touch probes taking measurements of glass for automotive and industrial applications needs to be precise and delicate.

Ultra Feather Touch probe carries a low 0.03N tip force, an accuracy of 6microns, with outstanding repeatability. The Ultra Feather Touch probes comes pre-calibrated and is easy connected to a readout, PLC, or computer via Solartron Orbit 3 network.

Another big advantage of the Ultra Feather Touch probe is when multiple measurement points are required the low tip force prevents the glass being lifted which can be an issue with probes that have a higher tip force.



A Solartron Orbit Network – a total measurement solution

The Orbit® digital displacement and gauging sensors combines the proven reliability of LVDT type sensors with increased performance.

Orbit is not just about LVDT type sensors, Solartron offer many other Orbit products that allow 3rd party sensors to be easily integrated to form a measurement system

Orbit® provides the way forward for all precision measurement or positioning needs, on the production line or in the laboratory. The Orbit® system architecture consists of a rugged mechanical design coupled with a high degree of electrical protection and excellent noise immunity, ensuring valid accurate data when it is needed. Orbit® processes and transmits clean, repeatable data from sensors at high speeds of up to 3906 readings per second.

Below are links to a new section of Orbit Training Videos.  These are for connecting Orbit to 3rd party software, or building your own individual program using the Orbit Library.   It also walks you through Orbit Suite and demonstrates the different measurement modes in more detail.

Part A - This walks you through installing the Orbit Drivers and showing the various sections of the Orbit Suite.  It also demonstrates the steps for connecting our various Interface modules.  It shows the Orbit Library, and the many programming examples that are included.

Part B - This video demonstrates Orbit Library Test, which is not only a program built with the Orbit Library, but also a great demonstrator of the different Measurement modes and features on the Orbit Network.

Part C - This video demonstrates how is possible to update the firmware for an Orbit module in the field.  

Part D – This video is a demonstration of connecting Orbit Network to Labview



Solartron’s Digital Flexures are ideal for very high volume and high precision applications such as component gauging.

In automotive engine plants, crankshafts are built with high precision in an oily, humid, and abrasive environment. All key dimensions, especially the diameters, must be checked quickly and measurement data logged for customer review.

Parallel Flexures with high resolution and excellent repeatability make Solartron’s Flexure Transducers the first choice for high-speed precision gauging. With no sliding moving parts, the flexure will maintain performance for millions of cycles and are virtually free from hysteresis. Flexures can be mounted such that there is little or no stress through the gauge line enabling precision profiling of moving materials such as rotating shafts, brake discs etc.


Feather touch

Solartron metrology offer solution for critical flatness feature in Electronics and Automotive components. Everything from Cell Phone glass to semi-conductor wafers may carry sub-micron tolerances for flatness. For this, several points over a small surface area must be checked, with a high accuracy being a key feature.

  • Class leading resolution of down to 0.01µm
  • Repeatability of up to 0.015µm
  • Low tip forces
  • Measure Multiple points easy.
  • Lower cost


    Flexures Block gauges

    Solartron Metrology, a world leader in Precise Linear Measurement, provides multiple solutions for the gauging of Bearings.  

    The manufacturing of Ball and Pin Bearings require processes with quality checks that must be quick, repeatable, and precise while addressing very tight tolerances.  Linear Encoders or Non-Contact sensors might not be viable, because of repeatability or measurement speed. 

    Solartron metrology offers Block Gauge and Digital Flexure as a solution.

    Pneumatic operation of the Block Gauge enables fast and reliable loading and unloading of the component for on-line gauging applications.

    The ability of Digital Flexure to take up to 3906 reading per second at 0.1 µm resolution, enable dynamic measurements to be taken. A big advantage of the flexure gauge is the ability to take millions of fast measurements while maintaining out of the box repeatability as it has no part that are subject to wear. Deep groove gauging applications are not a problem for Solartron’s universal gauges.


    Solartron Metrology Sensors provide quicker throughput in gauging and automation. Solartron offers a full range of highly accurate and repeatable sensors able to check up to 200 points at once. Solartron Metrology offers solutions for extreme environments with probes capable of millions of measurement cycles. Solartron offers customizable products for any applications. Quick setup, little downtime, lower the maintenance cost and helps to increase manufacturing throughput.

    Solartron products are proven and effective way to increase throughput in operation.


    Solartron Metrology is looking for a software developer to join the Embedded Firmware Engineering team at our Bognor Regis Head Office.

    Solartron Metrology Ltd is a leading, fast paced UK manufacturer of digital measurement systems. Due to rapid organic growth, we are looking to increase our development team.

    For more information please follow the link Sensor Manufacturers Careers (


    Solartron Metrology offers compact sensor built to check the smallest ridges, gaps and bores on parts. They have the same high resolution and repeatability as standard Solartron.

  • Check tiny holes and grooves
  • Check gap on a piston
  • Fit multiple points into tight spaces
  • Application with Orbit Network

    Use Specialized Solartron Sensors like the Mini Flexure and 3mm diameter probe to check small bores, gaps, and other miniscule dimensions on a part.



    Solartron Wigauge multichannel and Single Channel tools can be read into PLC’s and PC’s wirelessly through our WCM:


  • WCM (Wireless Connection Module)


  • PIM (PLC Interface Module)


  • USBIM (PC Interface Module)


    Solartron Metrology Wireless gauge modules in the assembly system can be picked and placed by robots and automation, or just located remotely and operated with or without human intervention.

    Solartron Metrology have eliminated the need to manually disconnect/connect probe cables and have eliminated long cable run throughout the system.




    Solartron is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Gagesoft inc a leading provider of metrology software for quality control.. The existing products Gagemate Pro and GageMate Lite are rebranded as Orbit Gauge Software Pro and Orbit Gauge Software Lite.

    The Orbit® Gauge Software Gagemate is a precision measurement software package designed to collect and store measurement data from manual, semi-automatic, and automatic inspection systems. Orbit® Gauge Software Gagemate uses clear and simple color-coded graphics that minimize training time, startup time and the potential for operator error. And this capability also minimizes differences from one user to the next, ensuring reproducible results across different operators and different shifts.

    Save Labor Costs with Solartron Sensors

    Solartron Metrology Sensors provide cost savings in the form of less labour, the ability to check up to 200 points at once, as well as quick data output. The industry prove sensor and network repeatability and automatic data capture means that you can  also eliminate expenses from incorrect manual data  entry that may lead to product recalls.


    Turbine mount

    Solartron Metrology offers high precision digital sensors to meet aerospace supplier needs in gauge mount. In the aerospace industry, an engine component such as a turbine blade is often cast, and then machined to the proper dimensions, via a CNC.  To check specifications after the initial setup, the operator removes the blade from the CNC, then has it checked by a CMM in a Quality Lab.  Depending on the workload for the CMM, the operator can wait for hours or in some cases a day to perform a check. This is costly, as the blades cannot be re-machined until the specifications are verified.

    Solartron digital probes helps to do quicker throughput, lower labor cost and data collection with Orbit Network.

    A Solartron digital probe is built for tough environments, with a stainless-steel casing, high precision bearings, and excellent sideload strength. Each probe is calibrated throughout its mechanical range in our State of the Art factory.

    Extreme elements

    Solartron Metrology offers LVDT probes of any extreme environments. Testing or monitoring of infrastructure components could mean that materials are subjected to extreme elements, such as heat, cold, salt water, wind, or other types of stress. To monitor how these perform, linear measurement transducers must be able to endure the same conditions, all while continuing to monitor and measure the slightest shift or crack in a material.


    Linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) and other metrology tools have many applications in agriculture and play an important role in a wide range of functions that are critical to the various sectors in this industry.

    The measurement and monitoring of climate, land and soil, the optimisation of farming practices and the assurance of worker safety are all integral to agricultural industry performance, and LVDT technology and the data that it produces are vital to the provision of this knowledge and functionality. 

    Precision-measurement sensors are used in many agricultural industry applications, providing key data that allow companies and organisations to achieve key performance, responsibility and efficiency goals. 

    Orbit® Network

    Solartron’s Orbit® Network can be used to connect multiple sensors together to check complex shapes, such as a knee prosthesis. For checking the knee joint pictured here, three Gauging probes were used to check a top surface, while a flowmeter was used to check the diameter and angle of a critical hole in the base of the joint.  All readings can be synchronized and output to an SPC software pack via the Orbit® Network.  

    Height Checking Needles and Sharp Edges

    For medical manufacturers, precisely measuring the height of a needle or a sharp edge is often critical to product quality and function.

    However, accurately measuring the height of a needle or a sharp edge can be problematic. Non-contact sensors, such as 2D or imaging sensors, find it difficult to identify the absolute tip of a needle or sharp edge. This deficiency can have a potentially negative impact on product quality and performance.

    Solartron Metrology offer an accurate, low-cost solution – Feather Touch and Ultra-Feather Touch probes.

    Solartron Metrology Feather touch and Ultra-feather touch probes provide clear advantages over other technologies. These highly precise, repeatable measurement sensors have low-tip forces down to 0.05N that can measure delicate surfaces with sub-micron accuracy in some cases. They are easy to set up and integrate with existing systems and offer higher repeatability and less sensitivity to the environments in which they are used.

    The advantages of Feather touch and Ultra-feather touch probes can be further optimized when used with theSolartron Orbit3® Digital Measurement System. The system is a digital, modular network built for easy data collection and analysis via a PC, PLC or existing in-house network.



    Wigauge for Medicine Tablet Compression Tooling

    Solartron Wi Gauges are used to check the wear and tear of Medicine Tablet Compression Tooling, ensuring that the Dies used to help form medicinal pills are not worn out.  Without these checks, tooling might wear quicker, and pills would be formed with improper quantities.  With the Wi Gauge, each hole in a die can be quickly checked, and the data be sent back to a computer via Bluetooth for automatic tracking.   Increase efficiency, eliminate cumbersome cables, all while tracking the quality of your Tablet compression tooling.


    Measurement for Health

    World Metrology Day 2021

    Solartron Metrology is celebrating World Metrology Day 2021 and is very proud to be a part of it.

    The theme for World Metrology Day 2021 is Measurement for Health.

    This theme was chosen to create awareness of the important role measurement plays in health, and thus in the wellbeing of every one of us.
    Indeed, the science of measurement plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, medical manufacturing, international trade, as well as improving the quality of life and in protecting the global environment.

    World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signature of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations. The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and in its industrial, commercial and societal applications. The original aim of the Metre Convention - the world-wide uniformity of measurement - remains as important today as it was in 1875.

    Solartron Metrology manufacturing wide range of measurement sensors, among thousands of applications, including within the Health industry.


    Gauging Electric Car Battery Cells

    Solartron Metrology offers high precision Digital probes that can be used to quickly gauge battery cells.  Probes are quick and easy to install, and can easily be networked and output via the Orbit Network. Solartron Metrology probes offer high resolution and repeatability, meaning quick, consistent, precise measurements. Solartron probes have been tested to millions of cycles, and are built in a stainless steel casing to withstand years of abuse, including vibration and heat.   
    The wide probe variety and ability to customize,  including custom tips, gain Solartron ability to meet any measurement requirements at the highest level.


    The G-Type of analogue DC or 4-20mA displacement probes are based on the LVDT sensing principle and features a high accuracy and long life linear ball bearing. All models incorporate  gauging probes with high performance conditioning electronics that is mounted at the end of the sensor. Mounting and connecting to the G-Type probes is simple and immediate. DC and 4-20mA versions are available. The signal conditioning provides  low noise and superior linearity while being able to cope with a wide input supply range with no change in output. 

    The G-Type displacement probes are successfully used in EV industry.  They are being used to check the flatness of a battery after being loaded into its frame. 

    Feather Touch probes

    A good cup of coffee starts with a precisely measured coffee capsule and coffee beans. A coffee capsule manufacturer needed to check ten different points of a capsule, including thickness, height, and various diameters. The measurements required an accuracy of up to 10 microns, and a rate of 180 capsules per hour. Solartron Metrology produce Digital Feather Touch probes, combined with Orbit®3 Network - the optimum solution for inline measurement.

    Low temperature probes

    Solartron Metrology offers pencil type probes for low temperature applications. Works perfectly in up to -40°C freezing temperature, completed via graphite lubrication and silicone gaiter.

    Distortion Machines

    Solartron Metrology offers precise, rugged, customized LVDT sensors that fit the needs for alignment and distortion machines. In the automotive industry, rods and transmissions components must be aligned or straightened to meet manufacturing specifications. Solartron Metrology sensors with high precision in measurements and fast feedback into PC's and PLC's can measure rods bent by a fraction of a degree.

    Check bicycle components

    Solartron Metrology offers specialized probes that are short, skinny, and built to check the awkward shapes a bicycle might have. Solartron product help high end bicycle manufacturers to solve their complex challenges. They must manufacture components that have tight tolerances with extreme performance standards to maintain their brand superiority. Critical dimensions in bicycle manufacturing can be small, awkward and difficult to measure with standard sensors, but Solartron can offer range of sensors to solve this problem:

    Digital displacement Sensors (LVDT's) - excellent for checking flatness and height build.
    Digital Short probes and DZ - these are great for tight spaces.
    Skinny probes - for tight areas where several points need to be measured
    Specialized Mini probes- can fit into bores and tight gaps that other sensor cannot.

  • Check groove in a bore

    Solartron Metrology specialty sensors such as Block Gauges provide the ability to check awkward dimensions accurately and repeatable, and with a lower cost than non-contact offerings.

    Manufacturing a piston or an engine component often involves non-standard geometric features, such as groves inside a bore or cavity. They are part of high tolerance system; the inner groove must still be gauged with precise instruments. Non-contact or pencil probes are impractical in such a limited space, so here the Block gauges comes solve this problem.

    Air  Gauge

    Solartron Metrology's Orbit Air Gauge Interface Module (AGM) makes connecting air gauge Measurement Probes to Orbit simple, allowing the user to mix air gauges with all of our contact and non contact sensors to fully utilise the full performance of the Orbit Digital Measurement  Network.

    Solartron Metrology will take a part in the most important manufacturing event to be held in Mexico and we will represent our brand in front of more than 13000 attendees.
    The "Expo Manufactura" trade show will be held in Monterrey, Mexico, on April 13-15. 

    Solartron Metrology is taking part in the Ametek Virtual Trade Show.
    While the value of face-to-face interactions will never go away, this year AMETEK is embracing the opportunity to inform and connect with an engaging informative virtual experience. This is making a great opportunity to feature new products, cross selling and to build relationships with customers in a new online format. The Ametek team has been devoting time and attention to creating an exciting event that is convenient for everyone to attend, will user-friendly, interactive, and an informative experience. 

    A new solution for the Civil Engineering sector to increase the long service of the pencil probes. Marine grade stainless steel probes are the right choice for harsh natural environments, due to their greater resistance to pitting corrosion. Non standard material probes are ideally suited to coastal areas, for bridges and highly exposed buildings that are affected by salty wind and sea power. These probes were complemented with a moisture-proof heat-shrinkable tubing to protect the cable exit and marine grade stainless steel ball tip holders.

    Solartron Metrology is focused on improving our products to meet special customer requirements. We revealed an increase in demand on the control quality monitoring during the machining process in oily and wet environments. Solartron Metrology now offers the extra step of sealing the pencil probes at all points of ingress, for a full IP68 rating. All probes are 100% tested with up to 1 bar internal air pressure when fully submersed into the water, before this product is shipped to the customer. 

    Orbit GCS is an advanced gauging tool supplied as a downloadable software pack from the Solartron website. In conjunction with the Orbit® Measurement Network, it can be used to monitor inline and post process manufacturing dimensions and record measurement data.  It now includes Diagram and Charting capabilities in which pictures or graphics can be imported and displayed on the screen.