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Bearing measurement using Flexures and Block Gauges

Solartron Metrology, a world leader in Precise Linear Measurement, provides multiple solutions for the gauging of Bearings.  

The manufacturing of Ball and Pin Bearings require processes with quality checks that must be quick, repeatable, and precise while addressing very tight tolerances.  Linear Encoders or Non-Contact sensors might not be viable, because of repeatability or measurement speed. 

Solartron metrology offers Block Gauge and Digital Flexure as a solution.

Pneumatic operation of the Block Gauge enables fast and reliable loading and unloading of the component for on-line gauging applications.

The ability of Digital Flexure to take up to 3906 reading per second at 0.1 µm resolution, enable dynamic measurements to be taken. A big advantage of the flexure gauge is the ability to take millions of fast measurements while maintaining out of the box repeatability as it has no part that are subject to wear. Deep groove gauging applications are not a problem for Solartron’s universal gauges.