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Plastic bag quality control using Solartron Digital probes

Very common packaging across different manufacturing areas are zip lock plastic bags. The quality of the plastic zip lock is highly important as for food packaging as well as for screws storing. Solartron Metrology offers standard DP range of Digital Spring Push Probes as a solution to control the plastic bag zip lock quality during manufacturing.

The position and measurements of a zipper on a plastic bag needs to be taken in-process as the material is dispensed from a roll and prior to the cutting and heat-sealing progress. The range of Solartron standard DP proves ensures very high resolution, excellent linearity and high data speed, long life precision bearings, and an IP65 rating ensure that probes maintain their performance of millions of cycles. Digital probes with a SI7500 readout connected to a PLC allow to identify and resolve issue on the line before large quantity of products were produced, reducing waste and down-time.