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Solartron 2021 Investments

This year, Solartron Metrology made a series of investments in an effort to be part of the many ‘green initiatives’ which are taking place within industries across the globe


This replacement of an older system ensured our calibration rooms could maintain the required humidity levels in the face of ever changing external climates.
It has helped to ensure accurate calibration of our digital probes and transducers, saving energy in the process.


In October 2021, we installed two new air compressors which are critical to the operation of many of our high performance CNC turning and honing machines.
These compressors will ensure that we continue to manufacture high performance and reliable sensors for many years to come.
They include state of the art controllers and automatically adjust and shut down, depending on air demand, thus saving energy and contributing to sustainability and helping the environment.
Alongside the new compressors we also invested in new air filtration units.