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Measurements of automotive parts

Measurements of automative parts

Measurements of automotive parts

Solartron probes are widely used in automotive parts manufacture.

Increasingly, car manufacturers have had to ensure the precision production of parts and casing to ensure smooth running and ultimate performance, whilst keeping production costs down.

Solartron Metrology’s Orbit® 3 Network was perfectly suited to this application, enabling the use and integration of up to 150 probes, with one gauging software through one Interface Module to one PC. 120 Digital Probes (DP) were in direct contact with the cases, which allowed the use of just one mean master; the AX system.

The Digital Mini Probe is a very robust miniature flexure with all the attributes of the larger flexure gauging products. It's particularly useful in all aspects of bore gauging where high accuracy and durability are required

An alternative option would be to use LVDT or Half-Bridge analogue gauging probes alongside several multi-channel signal conditioning electronics boxes. However the high number of conditioning units needed to support 120 analogue probes would lead to cost inefficiencies, elevating the cost of production.


Using Solartron’s Orbit® 3 Network and Digital Probes provided a reduced cost of production alongside a faster cycle time, mastering sequence and gauge set-up.

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