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Measuring or Gauging Crankshafts

Measuring or Gauging Crankshafts

Solartron’s special flexure products make ideal choices for demanding measurements of crankshafts and camshafts.

In automotive engine plants, crankshafts are built with high precision in an oily, humid and abrasive environment. All key dimensions, especially the diameters, must be checked quickly and measurement data logged for customer review.

Solartron’s Single Leaf Flexures is for more abrasive applications, as well as jobs where standard pencil probes will not fit. It has been tested to over 20 million cycles, .
With high endurance, easy setup and low maintenance, the Solartron Digital Single Leaf Flexures can be built into a Snap Gauge for Crankshafts.  The DUSM  is a pefect choice for the construction of a snap gauge, with extendable arms that can fit inside bores or other tough to reach places. With an IP65 rating, it is built for harsh environments.
crankshaft view

Combining multiple sensors using the Orbit Digital Measurement network is easy and data can be read using a Solartron readout or the Gauge Computer Software making system integration simple.