Single Leaf Flexures SLF DUSM

SIngle Leaf Measurement Transducers

A new range of flexure based measurmenet sensors designed to measure hard to reach areas such as bores and gaps

Flexures can be mounted so that there is little stress through the gauging line enabling precision profiling of moving materials such as rotating shafts, brake discs etc.  Following from Solartron successful range of parallel flexure products the single leaf flexure offers the gauge builder access to even more measurement points. With careful use of extension arms measurements can be made inside slots or between features where a conventional pencil probe cannot reach.

The standard single leaf flexure is available as both an Orbit Digital product (DUS/0.5/S) or analogue LVDT (AUS/0.25/S)

The DUS and AUS can be configured to operate in either direction, it can also be supplied with an adjustable tip.

The Miniature Single Leaf Flexure is another variant of flexure based contact probes. The miniature single leaf flexure has a calibrated range of 0 – 500 microns and provides the means for alternative configurations of contact tip mounting.