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Ethernet ETHIM
  • Connect up to 200 Orbit Modules
  • Dynamic Capability 3906 readings per module per second. 
  • Connect over networks and long distances.
  • No issues with Ethernet connection. 



  • Low Speed:  187.5 kb/S
  • High:  1.5 MB/s
  • Ultra High:  2.25 MB/s (Run Dynamic Modes at this rate)

    READING MODES (Consult Orbit 3 Manuals for full details)
  • STATIC:  Standard Measurement Mode where one module is queried at a time.  Slower but simple to set up. 
  • DYNAMIC:  High Speed Synchronized readings for up to 31 modules.
  • DYNAMIC 2:  High Speed Synchronized readings, for up to 200 modules.  Use Ultra High Speed mode. 
  • READBURST:  One high speed synchronized reading of all modules on network. 
  • BUFFERED:  Mode where up to 3000 readings are stored in module, then extracted on command
  • DIFFERENCE MODE:  Maximum and Minimum readings, along with difference are stored in module then extracted with command