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Company History

Sensor manufacturers with over six decades of continuous precision measurement innovation

1946  Solartron Metrology’s origins began with a UK precision measurement company, Farol Research, which developed the Weissenberg Rheogoniometer.

Included in this instrument was a Linear Variable Differential Transducer (LVDT). This was the beginning of Solartron’s involvement with an inductive displacement sensor, LVDT transducers and precision measurement.

1965  Farol Research was sold to Sangamo Weston Ltd and became known as Sangamo Weston Controls Ltd.

1976  The linear measurement company was acquired by Schlumberger and renamed Sangamo Transducers. It developed a range of high performance signal conditioning and data acquisition systems.

1979  The Sangamo displacement transducers specialists produced their first LVDT Gauging Transducers based on LVDT and Half Bridge Technology and incorporating a precision linear measurement bearing.

1985  These displacement transducer sensor manufacturers changed title to become known as Schlumberger Industries Transducer Division and became the world leader in displacement transducers with LVDT sensor products being sold throughout the world.

1993  Following a management buyout the name of the sensor manufacturers changed again to Solartron Metrology, before becoming part of the Roxboro Group PLC.

1994  Solartron Metrology developed its revolutionary Digital Gauging Probe giving enhanced LVDT transducer performance and the Orbit® Digital Measuring Network which removes the need for separate signal conditioning.

2006  Solartron Metrology was acquired by Ametek Inc, a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors.

2013  Solartron Metrology extends its product range to include a range of displacement sensors and linear transducers, including non-contact sensors, securing their position as a leading global linear measurement and precision measurement solutions provider.