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DTP Pneumatic Push Actuation (Feather Touch)
LVDT Gauge Probe | Feather Touch Pneumatic Push - AT
  • Standard contact sensor tip force of 0.18N (options available)   
  • ± 1, ± 2,5, ± 5, ± 10 mm displacement transducer measuring ranges
  • Linearity better than 0.5% of precision measurement 
  • Repeatability precision better than 0.05 µm  
  • Range of contact sensor tips available
  • Pneumatic actuation 
  • IP50 sealing (fully sealed options available)
  • Inductive sensors with excellent sideload capability
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) or Half Bridge options
  • Displacement sensors available with vacuum retract

    Feather Touch LVDT Probes have been designed to gauge delicate surfaces such as glass, thin sections, pharmaceutical products and tiny electro mechanical components. Whereas the traditional LVDT gauging probe exerts a force of 0.7N, the LVDT Feather Touch probe, when operated horizontally, exerts a mere 0.18N.