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Advantage of Digital Displacement Sensor v LVDT Displacement Sensor

  • Orbit Digital Displacement Sensor outperforms LVDT +

    Solartron Metrology has a wide range of digital linear displacement and digital gauging transducers that can be easily integrated with the Orbit Digital Measurement Network and Solartron Gauging Software. Compared with conventional LVDT displacement probes and LVDT transducers the Solartron Products offer:

    Outstanding repeatability

    The key to any gauging application is choosing a probe that has good and predictable repeatability throughout the life of the application. Since Solartron first began manufacturing conventional LVDT probes and LVDT transducers almost forty years ago the company has continually refined the bearing design and manufacturing techniques so that today it can offer digital LVDT type sensors with repeatability better than 0.15 µm. This performance is tested not using typical statistical methods but by using test methods that reflect real industrial use.

    Improved linearity across the whole measurement range

    Conventional LVDT sensors need to operate at the sensor null position (middle of measuring range as linearity rapidly degrades away from null. Solartron digital transducers use a combination of inductive sensing which is more linear than conventional LVDT’s together with smart integrated electronics to achieve excellent linearity across the full measurement range.

    Improved magnetic screening

    The inductive sensor in the digital probe offers the same industry proven robustness of a conventional LVDT probe but has a smaller diameter than those uses in conventional LVDT designs. This allows magnetic shielding to be incorporated into the probe reducing significantly the effect of external magnetic fields that can cause traditional LVDT probes to give incorrect measurements.

    Integrated electronics with easy to use digital outputs

    The Orbit digital probes have integrated electronics which is designed to allow easy connection of probes to form a measurement network. The electronics has been carefully designed to provide high sampler rates with low noise thus ensuring excellent measurement capture.

    Superior resolution

    Solartron digital probes do not require any separate LVDT conditioning electronics which may limit performance, this means that nearly all Solartron digital displacement sensors have resolution better than 0.1 µm.

    Good choice of Materials for long product life

    All the materials used in the design of Solartron transducers have been chosen to provide optimum performance, from hardened stainless-steel bodies, to lightweight titanium’s Solartron contact sensors will continue to give accurate results far longer than many alternatives.

    Buy with confidence for trouble free use.

    Buy your LVDT type digital sensor from Solartron and be sure that you are getting as sensor that is the result of forty years of continual improvement from our experienced design engineers, manufactured solely in our dedicated ISO 9001 accredited factory in the United Kingdom and be advised by our dedicated and experienced Sales Team to ensure you select the correct sensor for the application. With Solartron you will be supported by a team of Salesmen:

    • Dedicated to only selling gauging products we don’t get distracted by other things like vision systems and are therefore very focused to help the customer choose the right product.
    • Our Salesman are not set daily visit targets; we believe that giving Salesmen time to understand the customers real need and assist them in the correct choice provides the best outcome
    • Most of our Sales team have 15 or more years’ experience with our products, we have a very low turnover of Sales staff which helps customers build a relationship. Most of our distributors have been with us for 20 years or more and are technical companies not catalogue houses.
    • We never sell a product unless we totally believe it can provide a solution, if we don’t have the right product and cannot create the right product then we will be honest and inform the customer of the situation.