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Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment 

Quality and customer satisfaction have been central to the relationships that we have developed with our metrology & measurement customers over a period of many years. We are committed to providing the highest standards of sensor technology and service levels to all our metrology & measurement customers worldwide.

Solartron precision measurement sensors and transducers operate reliably in-use, maintaining their performance in demanding applications within many different industries. Conformance to specification and reliability of precision measurement are primary considerations during development and manufacture of our sensors and transducers. This is affected by the application of processes and procedures controlled within our linear measurement Quality Management System. All products are warranted for 12 months and servicing/repair/calibration is provided where appropriate.

Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and operates throughout Solartron Metrology, helping us to measure, analyse and improve the precision measurement sensors and transducers and services that we provide.

We gained our original certification to ISO 9001 in 1990 and we are assessed on a continuing basis by the British Standards Institution (BSI) which is a member body of ISO. Click here to verify our association

Customer views are important to us and we welcome any comments, concerns and compliments that you may have about our sensor technology and services. Please contact the Quality Department at

A copy of our ISO Registration certificate Q09540, terms and conditions and declaration of conformity can be freely downloaded in PDF format.

A copy of our RoHS Statement is available here.