The Real Costs of a price-only buying decision

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Title: Why Higher Performance Does Not Mean Higher Costs: the Real Costs of a Price-Only Buying Decision


Publish date: 28/03/2017




In highly competitive manufacturing industries, such as automotive and electronics, it is important to keep costs as low as possible. However, basing a decision about which measuring equipment to use on price alone is rarely a good idea. This is particularly the case with complex components and mechanisms where tolerances are extremely tight. Buying on price alone could result in the sensors being less efficient, more prone to errors, taking longer to arrive and there being less support with buying decisions and using the equipment.


Metrology manufacturers who work as cheaply as possible don’t spend time designing the most efficient sensors possible. They won’t ensure their sensors have simple and effective connectivity to ensure the data they capture is easy to access and interpret.

High quality sensor manufacturers create interface modules that connect to computers, through a variety of connectors, making them straightforward to set up and use. They also endeavour to make their sensors as adaptable as possible for ease of use and efficiency. At Solartron Metrology, we can even customise our sensors to suit the most unique of applications.


Another way sensor manufacturers can cut corners is by using the cheapest materials possible. Inexpensive components and manufacturing methods are more prone to failures and problems than their more expensive alternatives.  As the most advanced equipment, necessary to keep up with the latest requirements in this industry, can be costly, cheaper manufacturers save money by using older machines. Poorly made sensors do not have the same level of repeatability and accuracy as better quality ones, so users of the most accurate sensors can enhance their reputations through the quality of their own products.

A reliable sensor is essential to any data processing system. All Solartron sensors and mechanical interfaces are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery, to generate reliable data not just from new but for millions of operations.

Made to order

Off-the-shelf options may suit some applications but you will need to be happy to select from a limited range of sensors. Where your requirements are complex you will need a range of sensors that are much more finely tuned to the applications. A bespoke, made-to-order approach won’t see your sensors arrive with you the very next day but you will be assured of having the very best metrological solution for your application.

Ongoing Support

A major factor people often forget when they choose to buy their measuring equipment based solely on price is what happens after they accept delivery of their products. With sales offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia and distributors in over 30 countries worldwide, our global  network ensures that wherever you are a Solartron Metrology specialist is on hand to provide local support.

In addition, a manufacturer with a worldwide support network and dedicated to a high level of service will be more likely to stay in contact throughout the process to allow for alterations, suggestions and aftersales support.

At Solartron, we not only offer aftersales support to our customers, we have a large store of online resources to help our customers make the most of their sensors and can offer expert advice on which product would be most suitable for your requirements.

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