Introducing 30mm Digital Measuring Probes

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Title: Introducing 30mm Digital Measuring Probes


Publish date: 11/6/2017




Solartron is proud to present the newest addition to the Orbit Digital Probe range: The 30mm Digital Measuring Probe  Arising from a need to take measurements in difficult-to-reach places on material which is easily damaged, the 30mm Digital Measuring Probes enable users to delicately take measurements in a wide variety of applications. As accurate, absolute sensor alternatives to incremental encoders, the new probes have excellent resolution and repeatability, as well as a wide measurement range.  These features mean they are ideal for measuring deep holes, mechanical deformation and machined parts.


Their high accuracy and slim design, with no wearing parts, make these probes a great alternative to LVDT type displacement sensors and potentiometer-based measuring probes. They can be used for X-Y positioning and measuring the depth and height of features.  Non-marking contact tips and a light touch make them particularly suitable for use on glass and plastic and we recommend their use in the automotive, aerospace, automotive glass and machine tools industries.


Pneumatic operation gives these probes their ‘light touch’ and a maximum operating pressure of 2.0bar.  It also allows them to be used in applications where a conventional spring-push probe couldn’t reach.  As their name suggests, the probes have a 30mm total measurement range and don’t suffer from position loss or overspeed issues.  They have a linearity of 0.15% and repeatability of 0.25 microns, with a resolution of 0.02 microns and the tip force at the mid position is 0.85N at 1 bar.  All of these features combine to make these versatile, accurate and reliable probes.


The probes are designed to integrate perfectly with the Solartron Orbit3 system to make the data highly accessible and easy to interpret alongside other measurement information. Interface modules can export the data to PCs, PLCs or networks and we provide free software drivers for PCs with sample programmes and coding to communicate with the probes via SPC program, Microsoft Excel or other data tracking software.

The 30mm Digital Measuring Probe has been tested to over 10 million cycles so is long-lasting, as well as reliable and durable.

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