The Benefits of Working with a One-Stop-Shop Provider of Sensor Solutions

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Title: The Benefits of Working with a One-Stop-Shop Provider of Sensor Solutions


Publish date: 14/03/2017



Shopping around for the best deals on different sensor equipment may seem like a good idea for keeping manufacturing costs down but having a one-stop-shop for your sensor solutions provides a wide range of benefits not available when you buy from numerous suppliers. Buying from a single expert supplier ensures that all your sensor equipment is compatible to produce that vital ‘big data’ and make it easily accessible for users.

A single supplier solution also allows that supplier to get to grips with an d better understand your business, enabling them to offer you the best solutions for your applications and the most appropriate support. Convenience is also an important factor, as a trustworthy supplier can take the worry of buying all the right equipment out of your hands and work on your behalf to find the most cost effective and efficient ways of meeting your needs.

The Full Metrology Solution

Being able to buy a wide range of sensors, interface modules and accessories from one supplier means that all the equipment will be compatible and the data collected easily collatable and comparable. A system like the Orbit® 3 Digital Gauging and Positioning Network allows users to connect all their sensors to a computer, network or PLC and access the data through easy to use software.


Working with a single supplier to fulfil all your sensor needs also has the benefit of increasing their understanding of your requirements.  At Solartron, we customise our sensors to suit individual applications. When we understand your requirements fully, you will get the solution that is ideal for you, rather than having to make do with off-the-shelf options. Our expert team can advise you on the most effective equipment for your requirements and create custom-made sensors if necessary.


When you buy all your sensor equipment from one supplier, you get the expert support that comes with it. At Solartron, we have extensive online resources, such as datasheets, manuals, CAD drawings, ordering guides and a detailed Knowledge Base to help our customers make the best buying decisions and get the most out of our products.  In addition, our UK Service Centre offers repairs, servicing and calibration of all our products, as well as expert advice and support on installing and using our equipment.

At Solartron, we don’t just offer the benefits and convenience of a one-stop-shop for sensors, we also offer comprehensive after-sales care through our online resources and offline service centre to ensure our customers get the most out of our products.

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