Miniature In-Process Gauging Sensor Launch at Control

Monday, April 23, 2018

Title: Miniature In-Process Gauging Sensor Launch at Control


Publish date: 24/4/2018



“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” is probably the metrologist’s favourite quote. We would add that if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it either. And if you don’t measure in-process automation nor can you save time or money or optimise processes and performance.

We recently highlighted how agility and efficiency through the intelligent application of big data and automation are major themes for manufacturing right now, with those operating on smart manufacturing principles monitoring every stage of the manufacturing and adapting processes to achieve greater efficiencies and savings.

Gaining Control

With our new in-process gauging sensor manufacturers will be able to minimise scrappage, maximise efficiency and ensure the accuracy of their components.

Solartron’s newest in-process gauging sensor, the Miniature In-Process Gauging Sensor, is currently in development and visitors to the annual Control trade fair for quality assurance will be treated to a sneak peek of them. These sealed sensors will offer superior durability, meaning manufacturers can trust them to last and continue providing reliable data even in harsh environments and tight spaces. 

Our latest sensor is being built to be used during milling, turning and grinding processes and withstand contact with swarf, metallic chips and cutting fluid.  Not only will this very small probe be extremely rugged, it will be completely sealed and therefore able to continue to function in these harsh measuring environments.

Accuracy and flexibility

Being able to create very small but very accurate components is vital in the current market, so, like all our sensors, the Miniature In-Process gauge will have superb accuracy and excellent repeatability.  Its accuracy is measured at better than 1 micron and it takes 3906 readings per second.

At 37mm in length, this tiny sensor is ideal for using in tight spaces and its extreme durability means it can take measurements in places other sensors can’t.  It has a 0.5mm measuring range and be used with length extensors, OEM’s fixed length contact tips or Solartron’s tip adapter. 

Its suitability for a wide range of applications that involve in-process measurements mean it’s ideal for modern manufacturing environments where faster throughput and the agility to adapt to changing customer demands is becoming more and more necessary.

In-process gauging sensors allow for very accurate readings consistently throughout the grinding, milling or turning process, which in turn allow for greater control over this process and therefore less scrappage. This results in quicker turnaround times and greater efficiency too. 

As an Orbit 3 sensor, the Miniature In-Process Gauging Sensor benefits from a choice of interface options – USB into a PC or Ethernet/IP, Modbus and Profinet for PLCs used with the Orbit Digital Measurement Network, alongside a wide range of other sensors to produce accurate and easy-to-use data. 

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