Wireless Sensor Connectivity Made Easy

Monday, May 21, 2018

Title: Wireless Sensor Connectivity Made Easy


Publish date: 22/5/2018



Being at the forefront of new measuring technology means creating products and systems that are not only innovative but also meet the needs of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). When our customers requested the ability to connect multiple wireless sensors to a PC via Bluetooth at the same time, we went to work to provide a fitting solution, while also adding other useful features to provide an all-round convenient and easy-to-use connection module.

Increased Sensor Connectivity

The latest product to join our range, the Wireless Connection Module helps customers who need to use multiple wireless sensors simultaneously, rather than being restricted to just seven, as was the case before.

Increasing the capacity for connectivity solves the issues of customers having to continuously swap sensors in and out - a both inconvenient and ineffective use of time. As the Wireless Connection Module works with our Orbit Digital Measurement Network, manufacturers now have the limitless connectivity. While six sensors can be connected to the Wireless Connection Module at any one time, as many modules as are needed can be connected to a PC using the Orbit network.

Reliable connectivity

Connecting sensors directly to a PC relies on the PC’s Bluetooth drivers, which can potentially be unreliable and lead to a loss of connection during operation.  Solartron’s Wireless Connection Module has been designed with reliability on both sides of the Bluetooth connection as a priority. Also, as the Connection Module connects to the computer through a wired connection, a PC with a Bluetooth connection isn’t required nor is a third party Bluetooth dongle.

Easy to Access Data

The Wireless Connection Module’s integration with the Orbit Digital Measurement Network means the sensor data is very easy to access, as Orbit interfaces with Microsoft Excel, while the Connection Module’s user software interfaces with Orbit.  The module can be connected to Orbit alongside other Orbit products without having any detrimental effect on the performance of the network. This enables the user to access as much measurement data as is required from any number of sensors, simply and easily from a single location.

For anyone using multiple wireless sensors, the Wireless Connection Module is a useful way of connecting multiple sensors to a PC with a stable and secure connection. In conjunction with the Orbit Digital Measurement Network, the Wireless Connection Module is easy to use and the data it produces is easy to access. 

Our expert team are on hand to discuss how the Wireless Connection Module, Orbit Digital Measurement Network and all of our products could work for you or could be adapted and customised for your requirements. Call us now on (0)1243 833333 or email sales.solartronmetrology@ametek.com.