How to guarantee true precision in metrology

Thursday, November 29, 2018

In any high precision manufacturing process, one of the most critical aspects is parts conforming to stringent tolerances.  For this, factories are investing more than ever in metrological equipment, but how can they guarantee that the sensor offers true precision, and continual repeatability over time?

True precision in metrology

At Solartron Metrology, true precision means a sensor that is designed and built for accurate, repeatable measurement for years. 


  • Solartron probes provide class-leading measurement repeatability, at better than 0.05µm. Our digital contact probes have resolution of better than 0.01µm.


  • We achieve these superior standards through a design process based on 30 years of design and manufacturing experience.Only the best materials, machining equipment, and Swiss bearings are used when crafted at our UK factory.


  • Solatron maintains complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process.The build of the probes is not contracted out to a third party.


  • All probe product designs undergo rigorous testing to ensure an extensive lifespan. One test is the “side cam” test, where a probe is hit on the side of the tip, continually, and lasts over 13 million cycles, with repeatability maintained. In-the-field testing data show that our probes have lasted of more than 100 million cycles.


  • Solartron lists a repeatabiliy specification on all datasheets, while some competitors have shied away from listing this.


  • Our sensor probes deliver gauging accuracy at better than 0.05% Full Scale. This level of accuracy, combined with excellent repeatability and resolution, means that measurements over small ranges provides accuracy as low as 0.2µm.

Commitment to superior precision sensors

Sustaining this commitment to of true precision is a robust, long-term investment strategy. We continually devote capital to new, high-quality machinery and the optimisation of our precision sensor design and manufacturing infrastructure.

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