Solartron launches new sealed probes for measuring in harsh environments

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Designed for oily and wet gauging applications, the new IP 68 sealed probes from Solartron Metrology are sealed at all points of ingress and offer improved sealing compared with IP 67 or IP 65 sensors.

Solartron  IP 68 sealed probes are also rigorously tested for a 100% seal before being delivered to customers - a commitment to quality standards and performance that helps Solartron rise above the competition.

With the sealing verified by a third party, there is no loss of performance with the IP 68 sealed probes, with up to 0.05% full-scale accuracy, 0.15µm repeatability and 0.01µm resolution.

High-quality gaiters

The protective gaiters supplied with the IP 68 sealed probes conform to the highest quality standards.

The gaiter material, fluoroelastomer, has a high temperature tolerance and chemical resistance rating. It has a synthetic rubber that resists many hydrocarbons, biodiesel and petrochemicals. However, it is not compatible with ketones.

Please note that the gaiter on the IP 68 sealed probes cannot be replaced in the field. If the gaiter is torn, the probe should be returned to Solartron for repair. Get all the technical specifications of the IP 68 sealed probes

Full sealing available for most gauging sensors

The IP 68 sealing is available for most standard Orbit® Digital Measuring Spring and Pneumatic Probes. It is available on TTL , as well as on the 12mm diameter Rugged Gauging Sensors. IP 68 is also standard on Solartron DUSM probes, which are excellent for bore gauging and low profile applications.

More information on the compatibility of IP 68 sealing can be found in our IP 68 sealed probes datasheet

Commitment to innovation

The launch of the new range of IP 68 sealed probes for oily and wet environments highlights our commitment to quality and innovation. It is this focus that helps make us a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision sensors for quality control, test and measurement, and machine control.

Find out more about Solartron Metrology’s products, including the new IP 68 sealed probes by contacting our friendly team of Solartron experts  +44 (0)1243 833333 or