How the Orbit 3 Digital Network can make your quality control cost-efficient

Monday, January 28, 2019

Performing quality-control, test-and-measurement and machine-control checks can be an expensive, inefficient process for manufacturing businesses. The Solartron Orbit 3® Digital Network is a solution to this problem.

The Solartron Orbit 3® Digital Network is a class-leading modular system that provides faster throughput and better data collection, and offer greater cost-efficiency than any analogue or conventional system.

Reasons why the Orbit 3® Digital Network is a cost-saving investment

1.         The use of calibrated sensors.

Solartron digital probes are calibrated with a laser interferometer. As a result, your setup time is reduced, as is the likelihood of human error from onsite scaling.

2.         No minimum or maximum mastering.

Solartron digital probes are calibrated across the full measurement range. This means that there is no need for minimum or maximum mastering at the factory. This reduces costs because only one master is required and setup time is shorter and easier.

3.         Simpler processes  

The process of setting up and mastering when creating a measurement system for quality checks is simpler, quicker and more cost-efficient when using the Solartron Orbit 3® Digital Network.

4.         The availability of multiple outputs.

Orbit 3® can network up to 150 sensors on a robust, modular system with multiple output options. Interfaces include USB 2.0, ethernet TCP/IP, and wireless. Orbit also has six different PLC interface protocols for automation and robotic environments.   Digital readouts are also available.

5.         Downtime is reduced.

Should a sensor malfunction or break, Solartron digital sensors can be replaced quickly (available features include hot swap and inline plugs). This reduces downtime and associated costs.

6.      More efficient data tracking. 

Instead of manually entering and recording data, measurements from sensors are automatically delivered to a spreadsheet, or saved to a network via a PC, a PLC or another interface. Output speeds are up to 3,906 readings per probe per second.

7.         The ability to network to third-party sensors.

The Orbit 3® offers multiple interface connections to third-party sensors, including DC analogue output, digimatic and TTL. No other network offers this versatility.

How Orbit 3® is a cost-saving tool for the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, glass manufacturers traditionally use analogue probes or manual processes to check critical dimensions of automotive windshields, sunroofs, windows and other glass parts.

This is not a cost-efficient process. When a manual checking system is used, data is recorded paper by hand, which makes the process vulnerable to human error. Furthermore, manual checking can mean a lack of repeatability if carried out by different employees.

If analogue gauging probes are used, they need to be calibrated on site, which is a drain on resources. An analogue system is also unable to handle the scale of the checking required, as up to 150 points often need to be checked. In addition, delicate instruments cannot be used because the measurement process is often performed in the hot, humid environment of a glass factory.

How Orbit 3® improves accuracy, quality and productivity and reduces costs

The Solartron Orbit 3® Digital Network is a solution to these problems. This is why:

•           Orbit 3® provides calibrated, repeatable sensors with excellent accuracy and resolution. As a result, human error is removed.
•           Orbit 3® can network up to 150 sensors, making sure that all the points of an automotive windscreen, sunroof or window can be checked at once.
•           Data tracking is easy and more accurate with the Orbit 3® because measurements are automatically delivered to a spreadsheet or saved to a network.
•           By using the Orbit 3®, checking parts is much quicker, which accelerates processes and generates labour savings.
•           When you use the Orbit 3®, the likelihood of product recalls is minimised, saving costs relating to scrapping and reworking.

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