The importance of repeatability in measurements for product quality

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Measurement repeatability is the most important parameter of any measurement process. Without good repeatability from the measuring system the collected data is of no value. Crucially, measurement repeatability plays a key role in determining product reliability. If your repeatability process is flawed or your metrology tools don’t have good repeatability, the quality of your product will be negatively impacted.

How poor repeatability practices can affect product quality

Repeatability in measurements is an indicator of consistency and is essential to guarantee product quality. However, ensuring repeatability standards is not straightforward and there are a number of factors that can affect repeat measurements.
They include:

    ● Inferior metrology tool quality - using poor-quality metrology solutions limits your ability to effectively carry out repeat measurements and generate meaningful results. As a result, inferior measurement tools can have a detrimental effect on the manufacturing process and product quality.
    ● Metrology tools not calibrated properly - the calibration of metrology tools can be lost over time, affecting measurement accuracy. If the tools are not checked regularly, and recalibrated when necessary, the ability to take true repeat measurements is affected and product quality can be affected.
    ● Poor metrology data-collection system - the ability to effectively collect, manage and apply metrology data is critical to manufacturing and development processes, and the quality of the end product. If you are unable to properly record repeat measurements, you can’t benefit fully from the data you are generating.
    ● Inadequate operator skills or operator experience - metrology is a highly skilled area and a lack of operator know-how, experience or application has the potential to have a significant impact on repeat measurement accuracy, the standard of your processes and product quality.


How the right metrology partner can ensure repeatability standards

The right metrology partner should be able to help ensure consistently high repeatability standards.
Your measurement sensor and gauging probe partner should be able to supply high-quality metrology tools and have the experience and expertise to ensure that these measurement systems are the best fit for your requirements. They should also help ensure that your metrology tools are used in a way and maintained to a standard that guarantee consistently good repeatability.
In addition, your metrology solutions supplier should offer you the means to effectively collect and manage your measurement data. A high-quality digital measurement system that allows for rapid data collection and display of measurements will give you a platform to improve reliability, process performance and product quality.

Good repeatability and the support you need to achieve it

The importance of good repeatability cannot be underestimated. It is integral to achieving precise measurements, to ensuring reliability and to realising product quality goals. As such, it is essential that you have the right technology and support to achieve it.

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