Automation and Measurement come together with Solartron Metrology

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Solartron Metrology’s Orbit® Measurement Network interfaces with most PLC’s to collect sensor data and control external devices

              • Network up to 200 Sensors. 
              • Easy Setup for devices
              • Connect to 3rd party sensors. 

Output data into a PLC

The Orbit Measurement Network easily connect to most PLC’s using the Protocol Interface Modules (PIM) which support ProfiNet®, EtherNet/IP®, EtherCat® and Modbus.  Orbit and Protocol settings are set up with a free, simple software pack.  Outputting data has never been easier.


Multiple sensors and I/O

Solartron Metrology’s Orbit® Measurement Network can network up to 200 sensors to form a measurement, positioning and control system for numerous applications. Combining Solartron Displacement sensors with 3rd party devices like load cells, temperature sensors or rotary encoders means complex measurement and control tasks can easily be performed. The Digital Input/Output Modules (DIOM1 and 2) have simple I/O setups, while modules like our Encoder Interface Module (EIM) bring angular or rotation readings into the network.

Small system solutions

For simple, stand-alone measurement solutions, Orbit ACS fits the bill. Orbit ACS have 1, 2, or 4 channel solutions, with the ability to set tolerances, set 7 pins of I/O, as well as output readings over RS232 or RS485 with Modbus.  Offerings include the Single Channel SI 100 and the Dual Channel SI 200.  With the SI 200, you acquire a base ACS module, then add one Orbit sensor for a two-channel system.  A+B type measurements are available with this setup. 

There is also the SI 400, in which you choose a base ACS module, then add three Orbit modules for a four-channel system.  With any of these ACS units you can connect to a 3rd party sensor through an Analog Interface Module.  

All ACS modules come with an integral display for measurement view and setup.  

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If your current metrology solution supplier doesn’t offer these services and can’t meet these needs, it’s time to reconsider your choice of partner.

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