The business benefits of a customised metrology solution

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The business benefits of a customised metrology solution 

The business benefits of customised metrology solutions are becoming increasingly clear and more and more manufacturers are making the decision to use bespoke measurement systems.
They are taking this step because, in a highly competitive marketplace, where the focus on quality standards and cost-efficiency has never been so strong, affordable customised metrology solutions are helping them gain an invaluable competitive edge.

6 ways customised metrology solutions can benefit your business

The business benefits that customised metrology solutions are offering to manufacturers include:

1.  Improved measurement. Manufacturing innovation continues apace and, as a result, parts with special features are increasingly common. This makes     measurement more difficult. A customised metrology solution gives you more precise measurements than an off-the-shelf solution.
2.  Increased process efficiency. A bespoke measurement solution can be better integrated into an existing product management system and, by being a better     fit than an off-the-shelf solution, it makes key manufacturing and development processes more efficient.
3.  Better quality control management. A customised metrology system allows for more rigorous quality management. You are better equipped to comply with     stringent industry regulations and to provide the level of quality assurance that is increasingly demanded along the supply chain and by consumers.
4.  Valuable intellectual property ownership. When you have a customised metrology solution designed and built, it becomes a business asset. This is highly     valuable in itself, given what it is achieving for your business. It also gives you priceless flexibility in terms of future innovation and product development.
5.  A better performing product. A bespoke measurement solution and a more precise measuring process will improve the quality of your part and the     performance of your product, providing you with important leverage in a competitive marketplace.
6.  Greater cost-efficiency. Using a customised metrology solution that is tailored to your exact requirements makes your product development and manufacturing     process more cost-efficient. This gives you the ability to commit more budget to product innovation.

The customised metrology solution service your partner should offer

When you choose to use a customised metrology solution, it is critical that you have the right bespoke measurement tool. Knowing exactly what you need isn’t always straightforward. This is why it is essential to have the right metrology solution partner.
The right measurement sensor and gauging probe partner will have the experience and know-how to assess your needs, to guide you through the customisation process, offering expert advice as you go, and to design and build the metrology solution that meets your exact requirements.
If your current metrology solution supplier doesn’t offer these services and can’t meet these needs, it’s time to reconsider your choice of partner.
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