Agricultural applications of LVDTs

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) and other metrology tools have many applications in agriculture and play an important role in a wide range of functions that are critical to the various sectors in this industry. 

The measurement and monitoring of climate, land and soil, the optimisation of farming practices and the assurance of worker safety are all integral to agricultural industry performance, and LVDT technology and the data that it produces are vital to the provision of this knowledge and functionality. 

LVDT applications in agriculture and how they are used

Precision-measurement sensors are used in many agricultural industry applications, providing key data that allow companies and organisations to achieve key performance, responsibility and efficiency goals. 

The following are examples of LVDT applications in agriculture: 

  • Dendrometry, or the measuring of the various dimensions of trees, such as their diameter, size, shape, age and volume, generates data that are used to map quantities of available commercial wood or the amount of carbon in forestry land. 


  • Displacement sensor technology is a convenient and easy way to regularly retrieve information on the dimensions of trees. A measurement network system, such as the Orbit  Network, can be used to collect and analyse the data. 


  • Mechanical weeding machines combine vision sensing and displacement to ensure that they cut between rows and that the soil is in optimum condition for the growing season. Integral to their successful operation are robust LVDT systems, with long-range measuring capability and a high degree of accuracy. 


  • The stabilization of tractor seating is key to preventing driver fatigue. This technology ensures the safety of the driver and the efficiency and performance of agricultural practices, including farming. 


  • Displacement transducers and related metrology tools, and their ability to accurately monitor and collect movement data and analyse it, play an important role in the provision of this key system.



    LVDT agriculture applications and your choice of metrology partner

    The agricultural industry plays a vital role in day-to-day life, in many different ways, and the use of quality gauge probe technology is integral to the performance of the various areas of this key sector. 

    To ensure that you use quality metrology tools and that your systems and operations provide the best possible output, it is important that you work with the right metrology solutions partner

    The right LVDT solutions supplier will have the expertise, experience and range of precision-measurement technology to make sure that your metrology systems are suited to your needs, consistently perform to a high standard and deliver the results that you want them to. 


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