New Solartron Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 gets launch

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Solartron is to launch a new inspection software package that offers unique versatility and is a simple way of collecting and storing measurement data from manual, semi-manual and automatic inspection systems.

At a time when the in-house development of measurement software is becoming more challenging, Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 is a new off-the-shelf inspection software solution that offers manufacturers greater flexibility and more efficiency in relation to precision measurement.

Following on from the popular Orbit Gauge Software 3.0, our new software package has been designed to help meet the demands of a changing manufacturing environment and is aimed at manufacturers across the industry spectrum that do not want to develop their own measurement collection and display software.

New software optimises efficiency and performance

Changing attitudes to employment and careers is making it harder for manufacturers to maintain in-house software development teams and Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 has been developed as a solution to this problem. 
Our new software package is built in a way that minimises the time needed for staff training and system integration. It delivers this partly by using guided graphical sequencing in clear and simple colour-coded graphics, and partly by using embedded measurement templates that can be used to configure measurement formulas and match probes. 
As a result of these new features, a consistent level of high-quality measurement data collection and storage can be achieved from one gauge operator to another, without the need for extensive training or product knowledge. 
At the same time, Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system, making the analysis of manufacturing processes straightforward, and with tools and fixtures from third-party hardware manufacturers, allowing users to build and operate a measurement system with a single software package.

Key features of the Solartron Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 package

Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 is available in two versions, offering manufacturers another opportunity to maximise efficiency. There is one version for manual measurement data collection and one for automated measurement data collection. 
This choice of software functionality further simplifies systems training and operation and gives manufacturers greater control over budget allocation by allowing them to better target equipment investment.  
Key benefits and features of Solartron Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 include: 

  • Easily programmable
  • Supports manual, semi-automatic and automatic gauges
  • Guided graphical sequencing
  • Data exporting to popular statistical process control packages
  • Highly customisable, with scripting to accommodate custom application needs


    Find out more about the Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 package

    The Solartron Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 package is available in the US and Mexico now. 
    For more details on the new Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 package, contact us on or visit us in Hall 4 on Stand 4501 at the Control Stuttgart 2022 trade fair from 3rd to 6th May.


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