Solartron Metrology - 2022 in review

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

This year has brought many challenges to Solartron Metrology’s door, but so too a significantly larger number of positive developments. Following on from the investments we made in 2021, we continued our drive for quality and excellence, ensuring that our customers receive a high standard of precision with every metrology solution they purchase.

For Solartron, this was a year of exciting releases, further expanding our range of quality metrology sensors, gauges, and probes. Here are some of our achievements throughout the year:

Interface module CC link●        Protocol Interface Module CC Link
Earlier this year, Solartron announced the launch of theProtocol Interface Module (PIM),  the CC-Link, which provides a simple and accurate way of interfacing the Orbit Digital Measuring Network to CC-Link TM enabled programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Since its release, the PIM has been utilised in a multitude of ways in countless industries.

Gauge Software OGS4●        Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 
Solartron Metrology released the Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 (OGS4) , a redesign and upgrade from the OGS3. The newly released software was a step in the right direction for modernising how metrological data is stored and collected. The new package was built to minimise time needed for training, as well as system integration. Made to be quick, easy, and precise.

●        Ethernet Interface Module 2.0
Another achievement of the year for Solartron was the release of the Ethernet Interface Module 2.0, AKA the ETHIM 2.0. It carries all the capabilities of its predecessor, and possesses Dynamic Capability, allowing for 3906 readings per module, per second.

●        Non-Contact Laser Triangulation Sensor
Bringing exceptional accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, the Non-Contact Laser Triangulation. Sensor’s simple interface is compatible with Solartron’s software, including the Gauge Computer Software (GCS) and the Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 (OGS4), and can be connected to PCs and PLCs.

Solartron Metrology has increased its reach into the EV industry, providing numerous sensors, gauges, and probes for the manufacturing process, from gauging EV battery cells, to cooling system expansion and shrinkage tests.

We are glad to say that 2022 has been a year of achievements not only for Solartron, but also for the world of metrology, and we hope that 2023 will see even more ambitious steps and progress.

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