Solartron Metrology - an overview of 2020

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

It is impossible to present an overview of 2020 without mention of Covid-19. The coronavirus pandemic has defined our year, as it has for every business in every industry. Its impact has been extraordinary. 

But we have pulled together, we have adapted and we have shown great resilience. The way we operate has been abruptly and radically reshaped, but the way we do business has remained unchanged, thanks in no small part to the commitment of our staff and the loyalty of our customers. 


The impact of Covid-19 and how we have risen to the challenge

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK in the spring, turning the country on its head, we reacted quickly to ensure that we could continue to meet our customers’ needs while prioritising the safety of our staff. 

We overhauled our gauge probe manufacturing facilities and reviewed our working practices, making sure that the members of our team who continued to work on-site were fully protected. We also helped our office-based and sales employees work effectively and safely from home, wherever possible. 

Naturally, visiting our customers has been very difficult, if not impossible. Nevertheless, our sales teams have worked hard to remain in contact and on call, establishing digital communications networks to ensure that our customers get everything they need. 

This adaptability and the humbling dedication of our staff has meant that we have been able to continue to supply our high-quality LVDT sensors, displacement transducers and other metrology solutions to our customers. 


Investing during Covid-19 and strengthening our base

Despite the impact of Covid-19, we are continuing to invest in our infrastructure and the service we provide to our customers. We have recently commissioned a bespoke precision-honing machine and ordered a state-of-the-art heat treatment chamber. The latter is scheduled to come online in mid-2021. 

The new technology will improve the quality of our displacement sensors and other engineering metrology solutions. Notably, the equipment will help reduce lead times even further for our customers. 


New short probes and controller added to our portfolio

We have also continued to invest in our portfolio of advanced metrology tools. During 2020, we introduced a range of digital short probes

You can find out more about these and the rest of our industry-leading metrology tools by searching our newly expanded range of product videos on Solartron Metrology YouTube   and LinkedIn

An incredible year and our view on 2021

To say that 2020 has been an incredible year is something of an understatement. For us, like most, the months since the coronavirus pandemic hit have been tough, but we’re proud of how we have reacted, how we have stood up to the test and how we stand today. 

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing and there may be more challenges ahead, but as we look ahead to 2021, we do it from a position of strength and security, knowing that our ability to supply customers with high-quality metrology tools is as strong as ever. 

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