Customising metrology solutions to meet clients requirements

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What do you do when a standard metrology solution doesn’t meet your requirements?

You ask for a customised metrology solution.

But isn’t this complicated and expensive?

No. It is straightforward and affordable.

Metrology solution customisation: simple and affordable

Metrology solutions vary significantly from industry to industry, and within industries. As you might imagine, the precision sensor requirements of the automotive or environmental industries can be substantially different to those of the aerospace or energy sectors.

As a result, metrology solution customisation and the design and manufacture of bespoke precision sensors are commonplace. Systems, fixturing, software applications, housing, optics, cables, tips and accessories can all be tailor-made to suit specific requirements.

Measurement system customisation: driving product innovation

Indeed, measurement system customisation is often the driver of product innovation. For example, the introduction of the Solartron Air Gauge Interface Module in 2019 was the result of growing customer demand for a Solartron air gauging measurement system that could be used with theOrbit® Measurement Network.

We had previously developed and designed bespoke air gauging systems for a number of customers, including industry giants such as Rolls Royce, and were aware of a growing call for this type of technology from our wider customer base and the market in general. As a result, we built and launched the Air Gauge Interface Module.


Improved accuracy and quality with customised metrology solutions

A common misconception about metrology solution customisation is that it is expensive. It is not. Bespoke measurement systems are both affordable and cost-efficient.

Metrology solution customisation can be very cost effective. Often it is as simple as replacing a small standard part with a tailor-made one. Naturally, some bespoke product development can cost more but, even at a higher price, it is cost-efficient because it helps achieve greater accuracy, optimises processes and improves product quality.


Busting the myth about metrology solution customisation

While more and more manufacturers are benefiting from the customisation of metrology solutions, the myth prevails that metrology solution customisation is complicated and expensive, meaning that many still aren’t. This myth needs to be busted as it is putting up barriers to product development and affecting business performance.

Measurement system customisation, which plays a key role in the development of the Solartron precision sensor system portfolio, is both simple and affordable.

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