How LVDT tech is driving alloy wheel smart-fix innovation

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Portable alloy wheel smart-fix systems are making the repair of alloy wheels quick, straightforward and cost-efficient, and at the heart of this innovative automotive machinery is linear variable displacement transducer (LVDT) technology. 

Metrology solutions play a key role in the automotive manufacturing process and alloy wheel smart-repair technology is a great example of how precision-measurement sensor solutions are helping drive innovation in this industry. 


Metrology solutions and alloy wheel smart-fix innovation

Keeping alloy wheels in good condition is important, and not just in terms of aesthetics. Yes, the look of a vehicle is a factor, whether it is a case of brand representation or personal pride, or for sales purposes, but maintaining alloy wheels is also essential for the performance and safety of a vehicle. 

A vehicle with alloy wheels in good condition performs better – these parts aid maneuverability and braking. A failure to maintain alloys negatively impacts these critical functions and risks tyre damage.

Portable alloy wheel smart-fix machines are allowing companies to offer vehicle owners a quick and convenient way to avoid these problems and improve the look of their vehicles, as well as vehicle performance and safety. Displacement sensor machinery is the driving force behind this advance in automotive technology. 


How LVDT tech is improving vehicle performance and safety

The portability of alloy wheel smart-fix systems means that machinery can be easily installed in automotive workshops or centres, and wheel repair can be offered on a mobile or pop-up basis, such as in a car park as a while-you-shop or work service. 

The metrology solution that is integral to this smart-machinery is linear variable displacement transducer (LVDT) technology. The machinery uses a long-stroke 50mm LVDT to profile a damaged alloy wheel and to control-machine the wheel to remove the damage, which is usually caused by kerbing or general corrosion. 

The use of quality LVDT technology ensures that alloy wheel smart-fix machinery delivers the resolution, accuracy and repeatability that is critical to its purpose, and the flexibility that allows it to repair a wide range of wheel sizes. At the same time, robust design ensures that the machinery can perform under the stresses related to its portability. 



Vehicle smart-fix tech and the role of the right metrology partner

Displacement sensor technology is central to the functionality of alloy wheel smart-fix machinery, and to ensure that these systems deliver a consistently high standard of repair, and the brand reputation that goes hand in hand with this performance, the right metrology solutions partner is vital. 

The right precision-measurement solution supplier will have the expertise, experience and range of gauge probe technology to make sure that your smart-machinery performs well and that your brand has the market impact that you want. 


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