How to identify when an off-the-shelf metrology solution is not right for you

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to identify when an off-the-shelf metrology solution is not right for you

Having the right metrology solution is critical, but choosing the right one can often be challenging. Measurement system demands can vary significantly and off-the-shelf metrology solutions often don’t meet requirements.

Knowing when to invest in metrology solution customisation is critical, because in today’s global marketplace, where supply chains are increasingly fragmented and the sales arena is fiercely competitive, quality assurance is crucial not only for the monitoring of internal processes but also as a sales and marketing tool. 

How to know when you need a customised metrology solution

So, how do you know when a standard metrology solution is not enough?

To help you assess your measurement system needs and make the right decision about metrology solutions and metrology solution customisation, you should ask the following questions about your part:

5 questions to ascertain if you need a customised metrology solution

1. Does your part have special features?
2. Does your production process involve special environmental conditions?
3. Does your production line have high-cycle times?
4. Does your measuring station need to feature manual control?
5. Does your measuring solution need to be networked?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, it is important that you choose a metrology partner that can offer metrology solution customisation

Metrology solution customisation: necessity and innovation

More and more manufacturers are investing in bespoke precision measurement systems because they provide them with the level of measurement and quality assurance that are critical in today’s marketplace.

For example, we have a history of developing customised air gauging systems for customers, including global industry names such as Rolls-Royce. The development of this technology led to the 2019 launch of the Solartron Air Gauge Interface Module, which can be used with the Orbit® Measurement Network.

Simple and affordable metrology solution customisation

Another reason why manufacturers are increasingly turning to metrology solution customisation is because it can be simple and affordable. The myth that metrology solution customisation is complicated and expensive needs to be busted.

Naturally, there are customised metrology solutions that carry a higher price tag, but customisation can be both affordable and cost-efficient. Customised metrology solutions that quickly and precisely carry out a wide range of measurements, from distance and diameter to concentricity and contours, can be easily built. These systems can be designed to meet manual and semi- and fully automatic operation needs.

Regardless of the price, customised metrology solutions are a sound investment because they improve accuracy, augment product quality and deliver greater cost-efficiency.

How the right partner will ensure that you have the right metrology solution

Your metrology partner should have the measurement system experience and expertise to guide you through the process and offer you the specialist advice that ensures that you have the metrology solution that meets your exact needs.

If your metrology solution supplier doesn’t offer this level of service, it’s time to consider a new partner.

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